Schools said to return in September This change has thrilled some but some have been enjoying the introverted life in lockdown. Wether or not schools resume in Septemer, in lockdown attendance rate dropped down to 2% and beleive it or not some teachers have missed us.

Have children been doing homework ? Some, Yes, Others, No. The shocking rate of unsubmitted homework has absoloutley sky rocketed due to a) students being lazy. b) Thay dont have the resources. Even though schools have been asked to provide equipment for students. Some kids go without, there is also word on the street that if you dont have good enough grades... well you get left behind with the new coming through...

Coronavirus still rages on as the battle to end it has had no quick sucsession. It has been recorded to have killed over 40,000 people in England and knows no bounds, saint or sinner, it will cripple, our god Micheal rosen has even been beaten up by the virus. No mercy, No pain, No bounds